Globalization, a force for good?

10 09 2013

1. Listen to this man from Connecticut reading his favorite poem, The song of the Banana Man. Pick out details about  this man, the topic of the poem and the reasons why he particularly likes it.

2. Click on the pic below to read an excerpt from Rule of the Bone, by Russell Banks.

3. The globalization of reggae stirs up a familiar debate around cultural politics. From jazz to rock to hip-hop, white artists have negotiated the thorny boundaries of performing in a genre they didn’t invent. Sicily-born Alborosie says he needed to go to Jamaica and talk the talk. He was the first white artist to be distributed by Bob Marley’s label, Tuff Gong, but he says being embraced by the Jamaican music community did not come easily.

4. Sport and Social Responsibility. Watch the video and make notes to sum up Jamie Lawrence’s story.

5. Find here his story in writing. Click on the pic below.

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