Myth or Reality?

16 10 2013

1. Click on the cartoon below to access a BBC page. Find information about the first settlers in America (their identity & name,  origins, date of departure and reasons for emigrating) 

the plymouth rock cartoon


2. Find out HERE what Plymouth Rock is. And HERE is a slideshow debunking a few myths about the US-Mexico border. 

3. Watch this cartoon and see what early US immigration history could have been like. Use this for  your commentary of the drawing above.

currenttv-immigration debate

Interviewee made to dance

15 10 2013

1. Watch the video and get ready to discuss it in detail.

2. Read about the same story online.

Getting a foot in the door

1 10 2013

1. Watch the first 9 minutes of this BBC documentary and answer the title question: Who gets the best jobs? Access the script HERE .

2. Former intern at the White House answers a CNN reporter’s questions. 

3. What happened to Moritz Erhardt? Sum up what you understood.

A comedy with attitude

1 10 2013

1. Watch the trailer and say what you can about the film plot.

2. Listen to one of the actors talking about the film. Sum up what he says about his role. 

3. The opening sequence sets the mood for the rest of the film.

4. Ernest likes Meenah. Ernest’s grandad, though, likes Enoch Powell…