Greening American Cities

29 01 2014

1. What problems do people in Detroit – America’s first post-industrial city – have to face?

2. How can Detroit be revitalized? 

3. Listen to Ron Finley, guerilla gardner in downtown LA.

Real Estate

24 01 2014

1. Watch this clip and then describe the type of accomodation on show here.

2. What are the inside secrets of a real estate agent? 

3. What makes it difficult for first-time buyers to close a deal?

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Witch Hunting

20 01 2014

1. Watch the clip and take a few notes and use them to describe it in detail. Can you summarize the arguments proving the woman is a witch?

2. Watch this presentation & take notes to create a timeline.








3. Watch this trailer. What elements of the story does it evoke?

4. McCarthy goes after the Reds. What parallels can you draw with the Salem witch trials

5. Do you know how to spot a communist?

What Sells Fragrance?

19 01 2014

1. What are the usual marketing strategies to sell a perfume? Read this page and make a report.














2. What are the themes & devices used in this commercial?

3. And what do you think of this one?

Asian Americans

16 01 2014

1. For the first time Asian Immigrantion to America outpaced Hispanic.

2. Gran Torino,  Hmong Americans’ cinematic debut.


3. Watch this online biography of Clint Eastwood.

4. This documentary takes a very personal look at the Hmong experience.

The Power of the Gospel

13 01 2014

1. Ben Harper and The Innocent Criminals – Jah Work: A Lewis Marnell Tribute

2. Every parent brainwashes their children, or only some do?

3. Evangelicals have taken over the GOP, the Grand Old  Party, a.k.a. the Republican Party.







4. Learn more about Pastor Becky Fisher by reading this article in French.


5. Gay is sin and anti-gay is sinful propaganda?

6. Read more on the same topic.






7. Meet the Mormons.

Women and Sport

8 01 2014

1. Have a look at this timeline, you’ll find lots of interesting information.



2. Listen to Brandi Chastain talking about body image and briefly sum up what she say.

3. Watch the opening scene from the movie Girl Fight and draw a detailed portrait of Diana.

4. Watch this interview with Christine Ohugouru and sum up what she says about training.




Ad Men

7 01 2014

1. Watch Don Draper as he makes his presentation to Mr Conrad Hilton. Then give a brief account of this clip.

2. Listen to the recording and briefly summarize its content.

3. Watch the video and then make an oral presentation about it.







The Green Car, The New Frontier?

6 01 2014

1. Henry Ford had ideas.  Learn more about the farm boy who rose from obscurity to become the most influential American innovator of the 20th century.

2. The Moving Assembly Line just celebrated its 100th birthday! Click on the pic to learn more.


3. Fordism: watch this clip to find out more.

4. Read this article and summarize the past and future of the American car. Click on the pic.


5. The Men Who Built Modern America.  Listen attentively and then sum up Henry Ford’s achievements.

6. Sum up what you learn about Mr. Rockefeller’s contribution to modern America.

7. Thomas Edison, what about him?

Why don’t you get a job?

6 01 2014

1. Watch the clip and briefly discuss the content of the song.

2. Watch this excerpt from the movie. Then,  a. describe Miranda, and b. say how this compares to the novel extract.

3. Job hunting: Why can’t Norville get a job? Imagine his feelings. Tell his story as if you were him.

4. Watch this trailer and briefly sum up the film plot.

5. Click on the pic to access a quiz about the poem, You’ll Hear from us Shortly.