The Virgin Queen

28 02 2014

1. Click on the pick to access a few questions about the passage , “Might I be Queen?”

Cate-Blanchett-The VirginQueen


2. Watch this episode from the TV series, Kings & Queens and answer THESE QUESTIONS

Destination Chester 2

20 02 2014

1. Who will get on that bus?



2. Have a look at the TEMPORARY programme!



3.  Want to stay in touch? Use the voice mailbox.



4. Take this tour of the Herbert Museum in Coventry, just follow Eric.

5. Death comes to Pemberly, a.k.a. Chatsworth House.

6. In case you need it, here is some English for Dummies.



Football & Social Inclusion

18 02 2014

1. How does football help Jess get through her life?


2. Why do you think FIFA chose this song for South Africa 2010?

3. One year after the 2010 cup, what is the legacy for South Africa?

4. Can football help further tolerance? Explain.

Women in the Workplace

18 02 2014

1. Click on the pic, read the text & see if you can explain its title.



2. What you think of this song.

3. Who is the mysterious Mr. Cutty?

Contaminated Waters

17 02 2014

1.  Characterize Erin and say what you can about the story

2. Learn more about the real Erin Brockovitch and her fight.

ABC Entertainment News|ABC Business News

3. Click on the cartoon to learn more about the 2010 oil spill.



4. Click on this cartoon and learn more about the consequences of the spill on marine life.


5. Listen to this song and discuss its meaning.

Arthurian Legends

17 02 2014

1. Read about the “Once and Future King” on the BBC website.



2. What layer of the legend does this film present?

3. Is this narrative faithful to the legend?

4. What elements that do not belong to the Arthurian legend do we find here?

5. Show that this take on the legend is a nonsensical satire.


Women’s Empowerment: How Far Have We Come?

17 02 2014

1. What is Mrs. Clinton’s “no ceilings” initiative about? 

2. What’s it like to be in a woman’s shoes? 

3. What is Tatyana fed up with? What did she set out to achieve?



4. Can you explain how the “glass ceiling” has turned into a “plugged pipeline”?


Getting the sack

9 02 2014

1. There’s definetely more than one way to get yourself fired, eh?

2. Why was this woman dismissed? Give a detailed account of her story.

3. What happened to Melissa Nelson? Sum up the story.

4. Read more about Lorenzana’s story in this article.

*Jun 02 - 00:05*

Straight Line Selling

9 02 2014

1. Watch the clip and prepare to speak for at least 60 seconds about straight-line selling.

2. What’s the secret to selling just anything?

3. It’s a dumb question, isn’t it? It’s hard though to answer it with some success, don’t you think?

4. Click on the pic to read more about  four winning sales skills.









Learn & Practise Online

1 02 2014

1. Le blog de révisions du BTS du WebPédago:








2. Des exercices interactifs pour apprendre le vocabulaire commercial:








3. Des listes thématiques anglais/ français:








4. English for Human Resources:












5. Le blog d’un collègue, très riche:



6. Click on the pic below to learn how to talk about your internship.