Can Money Buy Power?

17 04 2014

1. SWAG. Look at the book cover. What is the story about?


2. Click on the pick to study an excerpt from that book.



3. What parallel can you draw with the scene in Swag? Read the script HERE


4. What does everybody on the phone want? 

5. What can’t money buy? 

6. Find the lyrics and some explanations HERE 

Will Brazil score better than South Africa?

15 04 2014

1. Why are Brazilians protesting?

2. What does Ronaldo say about the protests in Brazil?

3. What was wrong with the ADIDAS T-shirts?

4. Will Brazil do better than South Africa in 2010? 




Preparing for and Taking an Oral Exam

15 04 2014

1. Click on the pic to access some help on how to present your ideas.



2. How to talk about the notions. A few tips.

Talking Wordle

3. Here are four sample student oral recordings.



4. Speaking exams can be stressful. Here are a few more tips.

oral exams

Examination Day

13 04 2014

Make an oral presentation. 

1.  Fair Trade: the power of the consumer.

2. French vineyards eye China markets.

3. Fair Trade Improving Lives

4. Bangladesh leather trade’s toxic cost

5.  Kit Kat, give the child slave a break.

6. Wooden radio broadcasts sustainable message.

The Supermarket of the Future

13 04 2014

1. Read this and  present the stores of the future orally. 


2. What is TESCO’s new vision? Find out. 


3. How much do you know about supermarket psychology? Find out more HERE.


4.  What does it take to keep those shelves filled day after day?

The King’s Speech

13 04 2014

1. Study the film’s poster. Describe and analyse its elements.


2. What’s the film about? Click on the pic to read the synopsis


3. Watch the trailer and discuss the film’s genre and audience appeal.

4.  Click below to study two texts on this story. 


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