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4 09 2014

1. Watch the video and do these exercises.

2. Click on the cartoon and access a worksheet to analyse it.

cell phone



3. Listen to the recording and take notes to make a 3-minute oral report.

4. Want to test yourself on your Reading Comprehension skills?

Try this activity on the New York Times Learning Network site. 

Click on the pic below and find six paragraphs from their Aug. 29 essay about texting anxiety caused by the bubbles showing your interlocutor is writing back.  They have dropped a word in each paragraph. Can you choose the best one for each blank? When you’re finished, you’ll find a link to the full article.





5. Here is an outline of the recommended approach for your presentations (+ unknown document –> 3′ preparation + 3′ presentation):

a. Define notion, ex.: “Traditionally progress is new techniques or technologies which allow Man to live better and to move forward.”

b. Introduce issue, ex.: “ However, as we sometimes  see it in such artistic fields as Sci-Fi, progress may also be perceived as being potentially dangerous for our societies.”

c. Discuss it, ex.: “The documents we have studied so far present a rather dark/ sinister / bleak vision of progress  (+ 1st Cartoon; audio recording;  video and don’t forget to offer a detailed analys the unknown document you will be given!)”

d. Conclude: “As a conclusion we could say……”

6. Click on the pic to do some vocabulary and grammar exercises.




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