The Road to a Brighter Future?

21 09 2014

1. What benefits can a driverless car bring? Is it safe? 


2. The technology was already depicted in this movie. How different did it look then?

3. How do self-driving cars work? Click on the pic and find out.


4. What is a deductible? Click on the pic to find out. Do you get the joke now? 


5. Listen to Mr. Thurn. What are his goals and motivations? 

6. Choose one of the innovations presented in this video and talk about it for 3 minutes.

7. Can you tell the story?

8. Watch this animated adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s short story, The Pedestrian. Read the story HERE

Ray Bradbury – The Pedestrian (animation) from Ian MacKenzie on Vimeo.




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