The Marriage Plot

2 10 2014

1. Click on the pic to learn more about Jane Austen.


2. Colin Firth brought a whole new audience to the work of Jane Austen when he emerged from a lake with a wet shirt in the BBC adaptation of her classic novel Pride and Prejudice. 

3. Joe Wright’s 2005 cinema adaptation stars Keira Knightley.

4.  Jane Austen’s famous novel Pride and Prejudice may have been published 200 years ago, but it still inspires today’s writers.

Author Helen Fielding admits she “stole” Jane Austen’s plot for her novel, Bridget Jones’s Diary.


5. Watch the trailer to this Bollywood-style take on Jane Austen’s classic. 

6. “In the days when success in life had depended on marriage and marriage had depended on money, novelists had had a subject to write about,” writes American author Jeffrey Eugenides in his latest book, “The Marriage Plot” Read this review.



7. When Queen of Crime follows into Jane Austen’s footsteps, this is what happens.



8. Same-sex marriage is a controversial issue these days. How would Austen tackle it? Here’s Macklemore’s take.



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