Thanksgiving Shopping

30 11 2014

1. What do you know about Black Friday and Cyber Monday? 

2. What happened in Ferguson? What do protesters hope to achieve?

3. How has Black Friday evolved through the years? Was 2014 a good year? Read the article and find out.


Thanksgiving shoppers.

Thanksgiving shoppers.


Lobbying and Free Trade Agreements.

24 11 2014

1. Watch these two videos and sum up the arguments for or against TTIP.

2. Listen to this news report by  and say what are the reasons that have led different groups to oppose TAFTA in France.

anti-tafta chickens

A32 RPT FRA anti-tafta 14 oct 2014 (03:59)
3. Watch a video by Iranian Press TV on the same story.

Be your own boss!

18 11 2014

1. Do this listening exercise & learn about how to set up a company in the UK.



2. How did Chase become an entrepreneur? Make an oral account of the video.

Songs that changed the world

10 11 2014

1. What’s the singer’s message? What makes this a cult song?

2. How does this song compare with John Lennon’s Imagine?

3. Listen to this one. Do you like it better? Explain.

4. They can’t beat this one though, can they?

5. See if you can write a new stanza in Lennon’s song. Maybe either in the form of  an Acrostic or a Diamante poem?

acrostic-poem   diamante-poems

British Influence in the Middle East and Beyond.

4 11 2014

1. Cameron; Britain to blame for historic problems. Read the story.

Cameron on past UK role

2. How many countries have the British invaded over the history?


3. How the British screwed up the Middle East

The Harmless Cat

4.  Read this PIECE and answer the questions at the end. 

5. The UK to Restablish a Permanent Military Presence East of Suez?

Siri, not so smart after all?

3 11 2014

1. Bendy iPhone 6. Make an oral account of the videos: identify the issue and give your reaction.


2. iPhone’s problems with Scottish accents. What is the trouble with Siri when crossing the Atlantic? Read an ARTICLE on the same story.