Be nice to your turkey this Christmas!

17 12 2014

1. Listen to Benjamin Zephaniah and learn how to treat your turkey.

2. Listen to the SONG and fill in the gaps.

3. Watch a trailer for the book A Christmas Carol, the classic story by Charles Dickens

4. Here’s the trailer of the movie adaptation starring Jim Carrey.

Winners and Losers

16 12 2014

1. Who is the winner when billions are spent to rescue irresponsible financial giants?


2. What was the filmmakers’ previous documentary about? 


3. Do you think the camera can be mightier than the sword?

41 Shots

15 12 2014

1. Listen to the song Bruce Springsteen wrote about the Diallo story.

2. Use the cartoon to tell Amadou Diallo’s story. Click on the pick to read more on the event.



3.  Click on the pic to find out more about police reactions to the song.




The Long Arm of the Law

11 12 2014

1. What happened at Pine Ridge?

2.What do you learn about this story?

3. Listen to his attorney and learn more.

4. Read about Amnesty International’s position. Click on the pic.



5. Can you write a well-structured paragraph? Try this ACTIVITY

Shopping Habits

7 12 2014

1. Click on the pick to compare traditional and online shopping.



2. What is the impact of online shopping in London?

3. Why is Cyber Monday such a big deal? What do  UK e-Retailers have to say?

4. Use the table to comment on present trends in e-commerce.


5. Watch the video and answer THESE QUESTIONS.

 6. Black Friday does not go without a few excesses. Read the article to find out more.