Sustainable Packaging

26 01 2015

1. Click on the pick, watch the video & sum up its content.

Make sure you answer the journalist’s questions (= the 5 Wh- + 1H).



2. Eliminating the idea of waste. How do they do it?



3. What do you know about glass recycling ?


The iPhone Economy

26 01 2015

1. What do iPhones & pencils have in common? Click on the pic to find out.


2. How does the iPhone economy work? Click on the graph, watch the video & answer these QUESTIONS.



3.  What are its human costs in China? Answer these QUESTIONS.


Child Soldiers

11 01 2015

1. What are ‘Blood Diamonds’? Watch the video to find out.

2. Watch the opening of the movie and draw a parallel with Beah’s book’s cover.

3. What do this mural and Beah’s story have in common?

4. Listen to the song and do these EXERCISES

Click to watch

Click to watch

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