Thirteen years after Bend it like Beckham, has time come for the the first female to win FIFA goal of the year award?

4 03 2015

[MISSION POSSIBLE: You are taking part in a radio/ TV programme or a debate on the issue. Drawing on the opening of the movie and the documents you’ve been working on, imagine the scene and play it out (possible roles: programme host, sport commentator, Stephanie Roche, her coach…)]

1. Learn more about diversity in the United Kingdom (click on ‘sommaire’ and choose no.:3).

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2. Can you bend a ball? Watch the clip and find out.

3. Watch the trailer looking carefully for hints about topic and themes.  Sum up the story simply in three sentences. Draw a parallel with the movie title if you can. 

4. Bend it like Beckham Musical is soon to come to the West End. Watch this interview with Gurinder Chadha, writer & director, and Howard Goodall, composer and fill in the script HERE.

4. Watch the opening of the movie and do these  EXERCISES Find HERE a worksheet on exclamatory sentences.


5. See how tactful and sensitive a coach Joe can be (scene 1:24 to 3:58). Use this as a source of inspiration for your skit (read more HERE

6. Continue watching the video and concentrate on the scene at  5:31 –7:16. Find the script and more activities HERE



7. In this video, Tim tells you more about tonality. Listen to him and find HERE a worksheet  made.

8. Do you know what a “dink” is? Listen to the audio recording and fill in these EXPLANATIONS

9. Watch Stephanie Roche’s goal, one of the 10 FIFA Puskas 2014 nominees. Can you make up a commentary to go with the images (use this VOCABULARY)?

10. Click on the pic to read more about Stephanie and her wonder goal. Use the article to imagine an interview with Stephanie.



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