Oil and Blood in the Niger Delta

24 09 2015

1. What do you learn about Ken Saro-Wiwa and the Ogoni struggle? What did he blame the oil companies and the Nigeria government for?

2. What do you learn about Nneka and her views on the conflict (click to watch)? 


3. Can a song give faith to a bruised and wounded people?   

4. What is Shell so sorry about? Do you find their apologies convincing? 

5. Should oil drilling start again in Ogoniland? What are the two sides of the debate?

How to find your ideal job

14 09 2015

1. Want to find your ideal job? Try this personality quiz (click on the pick).


2. Tired of filling out forms and questionnaires? Try the Personal Job Advertisement.


3. This French job hunter advertised his talents on a billboard (audio by www. breakingnewsenglish.com).

4. Why not a video CV to promote yourself?

Life and death of a refugee

13 09 2015

1. That Little Syrian Boy: Here’s Who He Was (find the transcript here)

2. A sculpture is worth a thousand words. Imagine a radio interview with the artist (click on the pic for help)



3. Can you tell Issa’s story?

4. Refugee Boy: can you guess what the father decides to do? Click to listen to an excerpt and a presentation.



5. Watch the trailer for the stage adaptation of the book. What more do you learn about the protagonist? 

6. Take a look at this poem. Do you think that it captures Alem’s experience? Explain.

Benjamin Zephaniah – We Refugees par poemhunter

Don’t lose your faith in humankind

10 09 2015

1. Can poetry help us understand the tide of news that we contend with each day?

2. Meet Chris Cleave, creator of Little Bee a most memorable and provocative character.

3. Listen to an excerpt from the audio book (courtesy of Amazon.com)


4. Here you can read the first chapter of the book (for free:)


5. Listen to this song by British Klezmer band Oi Vai Voi.

6. Can you identify the narrative style of a piece of literature?

EU Migrant Crisis: Can Humanity Prevail?

9 09 2015

1. Watch the video and make a short oral account of the situation (you can also use this PRESS REVIEW ).

2. Can you tell the central character’s story and relate this song to the current events in Europe? You’ll find the song’s lyrics & lots more HERE

3. A picture is worth a thousand words. Imagine an interview with the cartoonists.


b. cartoon-EU-Moved-by-toddler-death

4. See how some ordinary EU citizens are getting involved. What can you do?

a. Oliver, a British student, is at the Hungary-Austria border helping migrants reach Germany.

b. A British teacher is bringing poetry to the ‘Jungle’.


5. Anglo-Jamaican poet Benjamin Zephaniah and UKIP leader Nigel Farage debate immigration.

Can the new forms of consumption be an alternative to the market economy?

7 09 2015

1. Can you define the sharing economy? 

2. Can you say how these forms of collaborative consumption work?

a. BlaBlaCar_YourStory

b. couch_surfing2

c. a-hole-in-the-wall-not-a-drill

d. 2763__Spotify_1

3. There are three main types of collaborative consumption. Can you define them?