Is it better to be feared or loved?

10 10 2015

1. Why do Lorenzo, Calogero’s father, and Sonny, ‘the man who owned the neighbourhood,’ fight over C? Why is  Calogero drawn to Sonny?


2. Calogero didn’t rat. But did he do “the right thing”?

3. Why does Lorenzo give Sonny his money back? Why does he want his son to stay away from Sonny?

4. Why does C find it so difficult to speak to Jane? 

5. What advice does C get from his ‘two father figures’? How do their views compare?


6. In what way did fiction and reality mix up in Lilo Brancato’s life?

Marketing Tricks

8 10 2015

Watch the video and find out about Tesco’s new marketing strategy.

How to be a great salesperson

4 10 2015

1. What are the three secrets to being a great salesperson revealed here?

2. What are the 7 things you should have when selling?

3. What do we want from a salesperson? Listen to find out.

4. How to Sell Anything to Anybody

5. How should you deal with customers that don’t want to buy?

Practise to improve your listening skills.

4 10 2015

Whatever the theme of the recording, you’ll have to approach it in a systematic way. 

1. Anticipate from the title and call to mind all that you already know about the subject: “David Beckham touched by migrant children’s plight BBC News.”

2. With each successive viewing, pick up new information to arrive at a detailed comprehension.

3. When wrapping up your account of the recording, it’s often a good idea to branch out and connect to similar stories you know of.

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