Two borders under NAFTA

30 11 2015

1. Do you know the NAFTA agreement? Click below to find out more.


2. Not everyone agrees, though. What do opponents blame the treaty for?


3. What  Adrienne does is illegal (41:42), but she has no other choice. Why?

4. What do so many Canadians & Americans cross the border for?

5. Can the US win its border war? 

6. How does NAFTA impact Drug Policy?

7. Find below a mind map featuring the keys to the RC exercise about the excerpt from TAKEN







How did Singles Day become the world’s biggest online retail event?

19 11 2015

1.  Try this EXERCISE on Alibaba founder, Jack Ma. Then watch the video & take notes. What new information do you learn about his life and success?

2. Whatch the clip and fill in a table with details about: PEOPLE; DATES, FIGURES, PLACES; TOPICS.

3. Click on the pic to study two articles on the Singles’ Day  phenomenon.






The writer in his/ her time: Charles Dickens’ critique of the Victorian era

18 11 2015

1. Try this webquest on Dickens & Victorian time.


2. Use this cartoon to prepare a short presentation on the writer.

3. Watch these two videos and sum up what you learn about Dickens’ social commitment.

4. Click on the pic to study a passage from Oliver Twist.

workhouses-Oliver Twist

The Myth of the first Thanksgiving

18 11 2015

1. Watch the video and prepare for the speaking exam.

2. Is Thanksgiving based on a myth? Click on the painting to find out.


3. Click on the cartoon to read about a Native American’s vision of the story.


4. Listen to a Wampanoag Historian on why Native Americans helped the Pilgrims. Read the transcript HERE

5. Click on the pic to use an online Venn diagram to examine relationships between these documents. Now use this PAGE to compare  & contrast the painting & the article.