12 Years a Slave: truth stranger than fiction?

18 12 2015

1. How much do you know about self-writing? Find out by clicking below.


2. This film is based on a true story.

3. What makes Solomon Northup’s account so special and interesting?

4. Can you draw a portrait of Solomon Northup?

5. What does the director’s vision bring to the story?

Is the true meaning of Christmas getting lost?

16 12 2015

1. The holiday season can be a stressful time.

2. What does CBS contributor Bill Flanagan think?

3. Well, Sainsbury’s thinks Christmas is a time for sharing.

4. Why not buy nothing for Christmas this year?

Rise above it-Buy nothing Xmas

5. You don’t have to buy a gift to give a gift!



Undocumented powerlessness

13 12 2015

1. Watch the first 1:30 minutes from this clip. Can you explain why Cristof Putzel decided to cross the border illegally? Read more HERE

2. [Border Town 1] What is Altar’s economy based on? Who controls it? What equipment do migrants buy there? What risks do they face?

3. [Border Town 2] What percentage of Altar’s economy is based on illegal immigration? What are Altar’s “Guest Houses” really? Why are migrants kept there? Why do the journalists need the Padre’s help?

4. (Watch this trailer and the first 15′ into the movie) FINAL TASK: You are Cristof Putzel and want to know what really happened to Melquiades Estrada. You interview one of the protagonists to get to the bottom of the story.

5. Tommy Lee Jones, writer, director, and protagonist of The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, reflects on the making of the film (first 12 minutes).  

Iconic Bond is Great Britain

13 12 2015

1. Why do you think VisitBritain have again put Bond at the center of their new global tourism campaign? Pick out answers in this spot and learn more on their WEBSITE.

2. Who is more iconic, the Queen or Bond? Use this GRAMMAR page to compare them.

3. What is the new Madame Tussauds exhibition about?

4. You’ve just visited the museum. Use this interactive postcard creator to send a message to a friend.


5. Watch this featurette about Spectre. Imagine you’re Daniel Craig sending out a postcard from one of the locations mentioned. Describe the setting and explain your “mission” in the sequence.







Edward Scissorhands: a variation of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein?

4 12 2015

1. The idea of playing God has intrigued mankind for centuries, but how well do you know the story of Dr Frankenstein?

2. Watch the scene where Peg visits Edward’s house. What well-known film genre is this scene drawing on? Focusing on what you see and what you hear, identify all the features of this genre. How does this scene build up our expectations about what is going to happen and then surprises us?

3. Find below exctracts from both the novel and the movie script. Use the additional material provided to examine their similarities and differences.


4. Here is a mind map featuring key elements to discuss the issue.

Bride & Prejudice: modernizing the Austen classic.

3 12 2015

1. She inspired a generation of young women, to question the world they lived in. But who was Jane Austen? Watch this biography and find out.

2. What was expected of the “Regency woman”? What was the most a woman could hope for then? In what ways was Elizabeth Bennet “way ahead of her time”? 

3. How far dos this adaptation manage to retain the original issues of Jane Austen’s book?

4. To what extent does this song capture the themes intoduced in the Austen novel’s incipit?

5. Find the incipit, the song lyrics and much more here below.


It’s not easy being an intern

2 12 2015

1. Click on the pic to read about three interns’ experiences


2. Use these pages to practise for your exam


3. Paying for Work Experience? Watch the video and do these EXERCISES

young unemployed

4. Make your own Work Placement Report and print it!

5. This might be their last chance!



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