Living out the dream

24 01 2016

1. Listen to these first-generation Americans, what’s their definition of the American Dream?

2. Watch the video and pick out details showing Chris Gardner’s hardships & what he plans to do to overcome them. Find out more about this story HERE 

3. What are these people’s dreams? Can these lower-income families really get ahead? Read more about this documentary series HERE


The Power of the Gun

11 01 2016

1. Why is the President powerless to change gun laws?

2. Guns go back a long way in America. Try this “brief history” of the US to learn more. Use these WORKSHEETS for help.

3. Why is the NRA so powerful on gun control? 

4. Over the last decades, the NRA has become stronger than ever. Here is the FULL DOCUMENTARY & HERE are a few notes summing it up. 

5. According to Jack Johnson, who is to blame for gun violence in the US?

6. Can humour beat the gun lobby?



Making the world a better looking place

11 01 2016

1. Some think art is all a  façade. What do you think? 

2. What is the story of graffiti? Listen and find out. 

3. Find out what some artists think about  graffiti and the London street art scene. 


US-Mexico Border Issues

7 01 2016

Practice your listening skills & prepare for the exam! Find a few tips HERE and HERE

1. Migrant Families Divided at Mexican Border  (1:30)

2. Friendship Park:  US border wall keeps Mexican immigrants apart (1:25)

3. Illegal immigrants hopeful about Obama speech (1:38)



The Romantic Loser

7 01 2016

1. What is the Romantic Period all about? Have a look at this TIMELINE as well.

2. Here is a short bio of second-generation Romantic poet John Keats.


3. Listen to Ben Whishaw’s rendering of Keats ‘La Belle Dame Sans Merci.’ Find HERE some help on English poetry. 


4. Actor Ben Whishaw discusses how he prepared for the role of John Keats