Let’s go to the theatre!

29 02 2016

1. On March, Friday 11 we are going to see the new play by the Quorum Theatre Company! Read the screenplay HERE Click on the poster to get access to activities and exercises.

poa poster 3

2. Much ado about nothing.

3. The rhythm of the heart.

Dickensian London

12 02 2016

1. What was the workhouse system? What was its purpose in the Victorian Era?

2. What crime has Oliver committed? How will he be punished? Read more HERE

3. Did Dickens influence social reform? Find Dickens’s description of a notorious London’s slum in Oliver Twist  HERE 

4. What made Polanski want to do a new adaptation of the novel?

5. Dirty Pretty Things explores a Dickensian landscape of rag trade sweat shops, hotel kitchens and mini-cab venues in a London that most Londoners never see. 

Who is afraid of progress?

11 02 2016

1. Show that by blocking Coalhouse’s car these man are ‘standing in the way of progress’ Read this PAGE for help.

 2. What was it like working at Ford’s in the 1920s? Read more in a page from a NOVEL by Dos Passos

3. How well does this capture the experience of factory workers at Ford’s in the 1920s?

4. How did Henry Ford revolutionise manufacturing?

5. Celebrating Ford’s assembly line’s 100th anniversary. Try one of these ROLE PLAYS

6. More progress, more growth?





Romanticism, the art of the heart.

9 02 2016

1. What is Romanticism in art? Watch the video and find out. You can also use this PAGE.

2. For some critics this painting marks the beginning of the Romantic period in art.

3. What England is Constable showing us in this piece?

4. A very different vision by Turner? Here is a POEM by Stevenson to take along on the journey.

5. Turner and Constable: Who was the greater artist?

6. Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog, by Caspar David Friedrich (1818) is a quintessential Romantic painting. How well does this POEM fit the picture?


The Roots and Growth of Hip-Hop

8 02 2016

1. Who and what made hip-hop? What is scratching, back spinning or  MCing? Check it out HERE

2. Click on the cartoon below to learn more on the growth of hip-hop.


3. Listen and learn more about the birth of hip-hop in the Bronx. What are the roots of hip-hop? Find out more HERE

4. Gil Scott Heron has had a huge influence on rappers.

5. What is the message behind the lyrics? Go deeper HERE

6. Mind Maps are great to organize ideas when preparing for a presentation. 


7. Watch Jimmy Rabbit work hard to make his dream come true.