Examining Our Fear of Artificial Intelligence

30 03 2016

1. Prepare for your final exam by watching this video [find the list of the documents you can use (série L) HERE, (série STMG) HERE].

2. What is artificial intelligence?

3. What if a machine can convince you that it has consciousness?

4. Are we ready for human-looking robots? Click on the cartoon to read more.


5. What jobs will robots take over?


Destination Rochester

22 03 2016

1. We visit Leeds Castle on Day Two of our trip (find more info HERE). Here is the trip programme.

2. Welcome to Rochester, Dickens’ favorite city (do this online exercise HERE and learn more)  .

3. We’ll take a walk around Charles Dickens’s London (you can walk in Oliver Twist’s footsteps HERE).

4. English Romantic poet John Keats lived in this house for two years.

5. We visit Cambridge on day four of our trip.

6. Adult Learning Programmer Matthew Morgan speaking about The Fighting Temeraire (find out more about the Romantic tradition in British painting HERE)

7. Art critic and broadcaster Andrew Graham Dixon speaks  about the painter, his methods and legacy (find out more HERE)

8. Do you need a little help with the language? 


The New Philanthropists

2 03 2016

1. What was Henry Ford’s dream in the Amazon about? How did it end? Read more HERE and HERE

2. Carnegie & Rockfeller, who wins?

3. Andrew Carnegie, the greatest philanthropist of all time? Click on the drawing for a biography. Read a poem about him by Dos Passos HERE


4. Can you tell the story? How well does the cartoon fit the poem by Dos Passos?

Take & Give-The Philanthropist Carrtoon

5. According to Bill Gates, how could we win the fight against poverty?