A world without language barriers?

26 09 2016

1. The Babel Fish. What is it? How does it work?

2. How does the Universal Translator work?

3. Are Universal Translators a reality now? Meet Pilot. Read more HERE

4. Why is Bob, the actor, lost here? Can you explain the film title?

5. Learn more about how to describe high-tech gadgets in English using adjectives. Find out more HERE

6. How do computers translate human language?

Stan Smiths, the plan behind the success

21 09 2016

1. Who was Adi Dassler? 

2. Stan Smith, the Man Behind the Shoe.

3. Listen to the recording and see if you can answer a few questions HERE. Find out more HERE.

4. What do you think of Rene’s marketing strategy? 

Success story: Zara

12 09 2016

1. Listen to this story (00:00 to 02:00) and note down all the words relating to success. 

2. Find an article about Zara HERE 

3. Click below to get some help on how to analyse an article in English.


Language: a Tool of Oppression and of Liberation

11 09 2016

1. Watch the clip (6:20 to the end). What attitude was the norm across the British Empire by the turn of the 20th century? Was it any different for the Welsh? 

2. Click below to find some reading comprehension exercises on the same topic.


3. Listen to Mr Oxford Don by John Agard. Find some questions for analysis HERE

4. Click on the pic to read the first chapter of Little Bee online.


English – the new lingua franca.

9 09 2016

11th and 12th graders, click on the pic to find all the info you need.


1. (A primer = basic information about a subject) Prepare a primer on the United Kingdom vs Great Britain vs England.

2. Now prepare a primer on the English-speaking world. Name at least 6 countries,  outside the UK, where English is widely spoken and say why English is spoken in some of those countries. Find out more by clicking on the pic.



3. What is a mania? Why are so many people across the planet learning English today? According to the speaker, is the present “English mania” a threat or an opportunity?

 4. Let’s make a humorous pause here with a British Citizenship Test by stand-up comedian Imran Yusuf.

5. Watch & listen for at least 10 important moments and/ or influences in the evolution of the English language. Find HERE a recap of the main steps. And learn more HERE  

5. Under the British Flag. Click on the pic to learn more about your task.

6. BBC Poetry Season – Zephaniah and students perform The British. This may serve as inspiration for your final task. Find the full text of the poem HERE


6. Why is English important? Click on the poster and do these activities.


7. Hollywood goes to China. Read more about the topic HERE