New Technologies and Safety Concerns

10 10 2016

1. Why is the president of Samsung US apologizing to US customers? Click HERE to do some reading comprehension exercises and learn more about this story.

2. This video is about some major safety concerns. Learn how to discuss them.  






Make them laugh, make them cry, make them wait…

9 10 2016

1. Did serialized stories begin when Scheherazade found a way to keep herself alive? Click on the pic to learn more.


2. Why were serial stories immediately popular in the 1840s? (00:00 to 01:39)

3. What makes this “America’s #1 daytime drama”?

4. What’s this series about? Would you watch it? Do this listening exercise 

5. Watch and memorize. How many signs of addiction can you remember? Read more on serial stories addiction HERE

Where are the bad girls?

4 10 2016

1. Can you draw the portrait of a famous female fictional character? Try drawing Alicia Florrick, if you can’t. Find some help HERE

2. In the era of the rise of the antihero, is the antiheroine allowed to be bad only when her husband is a murderous villain? Read more HERE 


3. Why are people so hard on Skyler (the wife in Breaking Bad), while they empathize with and root for her husband, Walter White, the man who’s doing all these evil things? Read more HERE. Find Anna Gunn’s op-ed piece HERE

Redefining American Heroes?

3 10 2016

1. In which way do the Arizona firefighters represent the American heroic ideal?

2. This the story of the making of a hero. Study two texts on ideal heroes and their qualities HERE.

3. Why did a good man break bad? Read more on the rise of the American antihero HERE

4. Who is Saul Goodman? What makes him a typical antihero? Can you draw his portrait? Find some help HERE

Even you can be a hero!

2 10 2016

1. Listen to the recording and and use this PAGE to improve your listening skills.

2.Who can be a CNN hero? Who would you nominate?

3. Imagine you have nominated Chad. Sum up his actions using this FORM

4. Describe the people in the picture. What are their feelings and relationships? What did writing enable them to do? Click on the pic to learn more.


5. Watch the trailer and and answer these QUESTIONS

6. Who are the heroes present in the scene? How did they make a difference? “You, my friends, are the true heroes.” Can you explain this statement? 






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