Iconic symbols of power

15 11 2016

1. Why do Americans love their flag? Watch the clip and answer these QUESTIONS

2. His memory is forever enshrined in the hearts of the American people. Click on the pic and see if you can you write his bio.

ca. 1915-1922, Washington, DC, USA --- Daniel Chester French sculpture (ca. 1915-1922) of Abraham Lincoln in the Lincoln memorial in Washington DC. --- Image by © Bernard Annebicque/CORBIS SYGMA

3. US Presidential Election: When do Americans vote? What status symbols are attached to the “job”? What “checks and balances” are there? What lesson did Obama learn after taking office? What special treat did he eventually get?

4. What’s Donald Trump’s presidency going to look like? Find HERE a gap-fill bio and more activities about the President Elect.

5. Do you know this TV show? Analyse the poster and say what it tells us about the character’s personality. Click to watch the series trailer. 


6. How much do you know about the origins of this popular TV show? Read more HERE

7. One of the most visible symbols of the United States at home and abroad, won’t you say? Click on the pic to learn more.


8. Donald Trump boasted he would swap out Air Force One with his ‘Trump Force One’Read more HERE

9. There won’t be another Camelot

10. Find HERE some interactive exercises.

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