East and West: Never the Twain Shall Meet?

6 12 2016

1. Paul Scofield reads the closing couplet from The Ballad Of East And West by Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936)

2. How come that, from an American point of view, East is west, and West is east? Click on the map to find out.

3. Explore the history of South Asians in Britain between 1858 and 1950 using this interactive timeline. Click on the pic and browse the diverse and rich contributions Asians have made to British life.


4. Meet the Khans. What makes them “a family with no latitude”? Answer this and a few more questions HERE Read more about this movie HERE

5. Analyse the film opening. In what ways does the scene capture the culture clash which is at the centre of the story? Read more HERE

6. Rizwan “Riz” Ahmed is a half English and half Pakistani musician and actor. How far does this clip mirror the themes developed in the movie? Find the song lyrics and more HERE

What does true progress mean?

1 12 2016

1. What goes on in the extract from the movie? What do we learn about Ken Loach’s career, ideas and goal? 

2. Who is Daniel Blake? Find out more about the movie HERE

3. What do the two main characters of I, Daniel Blake have in common? where do they meet? Explain what their situations are. Is their situation depicted as extraordinary or as something commonplace?

4. What are zero-hours contracts? How do they affect people’s working conditions? Click on the pic to learn more.

5. Take notes while you watch the video. Then try  and summarise it orally. Use this CHECKLIST to  assess yourself. Practise your reading comprehension skills HERE