Customer Service

20 01 2017

1. What’s wrong with customer service in this shop?

2. What makes for great customer service in the US? Do we have the same expectations in France? Fill in this TABLE

3. Click below for some online customer service vocabulary exercises.

4. What lessons can you learn from these scenes?

5. The man who made a fortune selling on street corners. Read more HERE

The man with no name

19 01 2017

1. Watch a biography video about Clint Eastwood. Take a few notes to sum up key facts. You can use these GRAMMAR PAGES. Find HERE a model answer (gap-fill exercise) 

2. He plays a grumpy old man in Gran Torino.

3. The Man With No Name BBC 1977 Documentary


America under fear

17 01 2017

1. How did fear affect the USA and Hollywood during the Cold War? Do this EXERCISE

2. Fear gave rise to communist hysteria. Click on the pic and learn more.

3. How to spot a witch. Do this EXERCISE 

4. What happened to Hollywood artists who refused to cooperate with the investigating committee?

5.  How were Americans supposed to spot Communists? How would you fight today’s “bad citizens”? Make your own propaganda tools HERE 



Time to enter the modern world?

16 01 2017

1. Watch the video and sum up the arguments for and against Sunday trading.

2. Click on the poster to read more on the topic. Find HERE a few pages on jobs and working conditions.

3. This is a toxic issue in the UK too. Find out more by clicking below.


Ladies First

12 01 2017

1. This film will soon be on a screen near you. Would you like to go and see it? Why (not)?


2. Watch the video and take a few notes to write a short bio of this First Lady. What makes Mrs. Kennedy such an enduring icon?

3. What is Michelle Obama’s final message to America’s youth?

4. What type of First Lady will Melania Trump be? Do some research and draw her portrait comparing her to her predecessor.

5. Comparing First Ladies. Click on the pic and learn more about your task.

Come and join. This is now British curry.

10 01 2017

1. Watch the video and answer these QUESTIONS

2. As for British curry, all the ingredients of this national recipe are equally important.


How to gain a competitive edge in the job market

5 01 2017

1. Click on the pic and watch the video to find out how you can stand out in the job market.

2. Click to fill in a work placement report. 

3. Do a reading comprehension exercise HERE Listen to a recording of the text below. Find a mind-map about question-tags HERE

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