The United States of Paranoia

14 02 2017

1. Ready for a brief history of America? Read more HERE and HERE

2. Big Brother is Watching You. Study a book excerpt HERE

3. Bigger Brother? Read more HERE

4. Suspicion poisons the air in a typical American town where neighbor turns on neighbor. Read more HERE

5. Listen to the first two minutes of this radio documentary and answer these questions


6. Is there a culture of paranoia in French politics – YES or NO? Take part in a debate

7. Improve your listening skills. Do this EXERCISE

The Crucible

10 02 2017

1. Analyse this picture and say what strikes you.

2. Where does the trailer open? Who are the characters and what are they doing?

3. Watch The Story of the Witch Hunt and take a few notes about the main dates and events in the witch trials.

4. What provoked the rampant fear among the Puritans in the New England village of Salem? 


The Perfect Being

7 02 2017

1. What’s the scientist trying to prove? Do you find it scary?

2. Click below. Can you tell the Creature’s story? Read about literary & cinema genres HERE

3. What is this movie about? Can you draw a parallel with Frankenstein? Read more about your task HERE

4. What can Pepper do? Present this new robot in detail. Use this PAGE