I love not man the less, but Nature more

14 05 2017

1. What do you make of Sean Penn’s choice of this poem in the opening credits?

2. Watch the trailer. What can you imagine about the main character and his vision of life?

3. To what extent would you say this song captures Chris’s experience?

4. What Happened to Christopher McCandless in the end?

5. How did Emile Hirsch manage to make his character so accessible?

6. Why did Thoreau go to the woods?

When Trade is Fair

14 05 2017

1. How much do you know about Fair Trade? Watch the clip and answer the 5W1H questions. Find out more HERE

2. How much power does the consumer have? 

3. Briefly describe the poster and explain the goals of this campaign.

4. Watch the video and sum up its content and message.

5. How are footballs made? And what do footballs have to do with Fair Trade?

The DisUnited Kingdom?

4 05 2017

1. What is article 50? Or, what happens now?  Read more HERE

2. What consequences could Brexit have? Learn  more about the vocabulary of Brexit HERE 

 3. After Brexit, could London become independent? Ready for a CROSSWORD on Brexit? 

4. Why doesn’t Scotland want to Leave Europe? Read a written version of this story HERE

5. Do you find this song powerful? Choose a few lines and explain why. Read the lyrics HERE 

In matters of identity, is sincerity the vital thing?

4 05 2017

1. What do you know about late 19th-century England? Learn more HERE

2. Learn more about Oscar Wilde’s life story. Find a short bio HERE

3. Here’s a somewhat unorthodox summary of the play. Find HERE a character family-tree.

4. Watch an excerpt from this movie adaptation. Do these EXERCISES

What is the appropriate way to respond to unjust laws?

2 05 2017

1. Why are people so surprised at the sight of Django? What law is he breaking? Read more HERE

2. What can you do in the face of unjust laws? Read more HERE

3. Listen to the story. What would  you do?

Find a transcript HERE