Talking about race in America

25 09 2017

1. How much do you know about race relations in the States

2. What happened to James LeBron? How does he  feel about the topic?

3. Why are so many NFL athletes kneeling for anthem

4. Can songs like this one  help the conversation on race?

Remembering My first Job Experience

11 09 2017

1. Rita is a STEP-UP trainee. Watch the video and draw her profile. Fill in a MIND MAP.

2. Click on the pic to read about another STEP-UP intern’s experience. Read a book excerpt 

3. Who is James Bodanis? How many apprentices do they have at Humber? What are they training to be? What options do they have there? What else did you learn about this apprentice center? 

4. Grocery Store Clerk. What does Bob’s job consist in? 

5. Everyone remembers their first job, even Boston Mayor Marty Walsh. What about you? Do you have a story to tell?

High School Encounters

7 09 2017

1. Who is Stargirl? Draw her profile. Use a Mind Map    Study the book excerpt (up to 3:54) and then imagine the first encounter between Stargirl and the narrator. HELP!

2. “How was your first day”? Watch both clips and answer Cady’s father’s question. HELP!

3. Your MISSION: Tell us about a book you love and a story you’ve lived.


The Problem with Confederate Monuments

6 09 2017

1. Are Americans refighting the Civil War?

2. Charlottesville attack: What, where and who? Click below to read more.

3. Who does the president blame?

4. This clip is from the 1986 TV mini-series “North and South.” What does Gen. Lee argue about with President Davis? Read about the real man HERE

5. When were most Confederate monuments built? What do they honor? Click below to learn more.

6. Why must the statues come down? Read more HERE

7. What could the US do to solve racism? Click to watch the video. Find here info about the JIM CROW LAWS and some exercises HERE

8. You want to take action. Make a speech or organize a debate. Read more HERE

9. Find below an excerpt from a movie and here a BBC DEBATE on this issue.

What voice for Europe?

5 09 2017

1. What language do European citizens think is the most useful? Read more HERE.

2. Click to listen to this recording & then take the QUIZ

3. What is the best language to learn in Europe? Read more HERE

4. Your MISSION: make a video to promote EDL or a European language.

Back to School

4 09 2017

1. Click on the poster to find some useful information.

2. Why so many smiling students in France? Click on the pic to find out.

3. What’s the best way to learn a language? Is a doctor the answer? Read more HERE

4. How can young people travel around Europe?  What are the advantages of sharing a flat?

5. What is the European Day of Languages? Click on the banner and then do the QUIZ