The Problem with Confederate Monuments

6 09 2017

1. Are Americans refighting the Civil War?

2. Charlottesville attack: What, where and who? Click below to read more.

3. Who does the president blame?

4. This clip is from the 1986 TV mini-series “North and South.” What does Gen. Lee argue about with President Davis? Read about the real man HERE

5. When were most Confederate monuments built? What do they honor? Click below to learn more.

6. Why must the statues come down? Read more HERE

7. What could the US do to solve racism? Click to watch the video. Find here info about the JIM CROW LAWS and some exercises HERE

8. You want to take action. Make a speech or organize a debate. Read more HERE

9. Find below an excerpt from a movie and here a BBC DEBATE on this issue.



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