Heroes and Role Models

19 10 2017

1. Watch this video and prepare for your speaking exam.

2. Why is Lorenzo so bent on taking  the money back?

3. Did Lilo Brancato waste his talent in the end? Read more HERE

4. Is every father a hero to his son? Read more HERE

5. Michael Jr. has seen a man killed. Not by his father, but still…. Imagine the conversation that follows between the father and his son. 

Rebel Girls

19 10 2017

1. Who was the Rebel Girl?

2. An inspiring story. Read more on the central character’s trial.

3. Analyze the impact of the labor movement in America throughout the 19th and 20th centuries.

4. The “Bread & Roses” strike of Lawrence. Learn more about the SONG

5. The worker must have bread, but she must have roses, too.

6. How can workers make a difference? Find out more HERE

The Greatest American Hero

18 10 2017

1. What are the four lessons that Scout learns over the course of the story?

2. Learn more about the book and the real town Maycomb was modeled after. This story of racism in the US south still “makes [some] people uncomfortable”.  

3. What makes Atticus such a great film hero? Read more HERE

Social Gaps

1 10 2017

1. Is the gap between rich and poor widening? Learn more HERE 

2. What details in the opening scene show the film’s theme of economic inequality?

3. To what extent do the two main characters here portray the economic contrast of black and white Americans?

4. How do you become a trader? What exactly is it that the Dukes brothers do?

5. What happens at the end of ‘Trading Places’?