[De-]Constructing Marilyn

26 11 2017

1. Who is   Marilyn Monroe , a.k.a. Sugar Kane


2. Write a user’s review explaining how the song “nods in the direction of Marilyn Monroe”.

3. Describe both the situation and the characters in this scene. Use appropriate adjectives for the “male” & “female” characters.

4. How does Andy Warhol deconstruct the myth? Record an audio guide for an art exhibition. 


Shorter Days, Bigger Profits?

25 11 2017

1. Why do we need more time? Find the lyrics HERE

2. Can a shorter workday actually bring big gains for employees and employers?

3. A four-day workweek: FOR & AGAINST

The History of Thanksgiving: Truths and Myths

20 11 2017

1. A rather simplistic version of history. Learn more HERE

2. Click below to watch a video about Thanksgiving. Learn more HERE

3. Thanksgiving ‘National Day Of Mourning‘ For Some. Read more HERE

4. Why are “the savages” rebelling? Read more

5. How do these girls turn the tables on the history of thanksgiving?

EU Migrant Crisis

13 11 2017

1. How long do you think  their joy will last? Read more HERE

2. Who is Alem? Read more HERE

3. What’s Aar Maanta’s message to Somali youths?

4. This song is  about the dangers of crossing to Yemen and Europe. 

From Slavery to Segregation

7 11 2017

1. All men are created equal, or are they?

2. Final Task: “Record an audio guide for the new Jim Crow Museum.”

3. Listen to the poem and learn the lines!

4. Learn more about Jim Crow with QUIZLET

5. What was the “Middle Passage”? 

6. How did the system of slavery function? Read more HERE.

7. Who was Solomon Northup? Learn more HERE

8. What makes his story so special?

Women and Power

6 11 2017

FINAL TASK: “Your biography of an ‘inspiring woman activist’”.

1. She inspired a generation of young women, to question the world they lived in. But who was Jane Austen? Watch this biography and find out.

2. What was expected of the “Regency woman”? What was the best a woman could hope for? In what ways was Elizabeth Bennet “way ahead of her time”? 

3. She fought for women’s rights: her motto was “deeds, not words!” Who was Emmeline Pankhurst?

4. Meet another remarkable woman activist. Read more HERE

5. Should men and women be paid the same wages? Join the debate HERE

Don’t buy. Share.

5 11 2017

1. What is the shared economy?

2. Do you have to pay tax on the extra money you earn from sharing goods and services?

3. Do you know what WWOOF is? Read more HERE

4. What is the perfect way of travelling? Find out more

5. Many new projects are being crowdfunded these days. Find out more