Why Do People Enjoy Being Scared?

19 12 2017

1. Can you define horror as a film or literary genre? What makes the scene below a ‘symbol’ of the genre?

2. What could possibly be fun about being scared? Take the QUIZ

3. What is the scary creature in this movie? Find out more HERE

4. Watch this video to learn more about sharks.

5. Would you like spending the night at Count Dracula’s castle? Read more HERE. Read an excerpt from Bram Stoker’s book

Conquering America

19 12 2017

1. What impressions do the images and the music create in this opening scene? Say how they convey the characters’ feelings. Read more HERE

2. Why does King Powhatan decide to spare John Smith’s life in the end?

3. Compare the Indians to the white settlers. Consider their clothes, appearances, lifestyle and values. Read more HERE

Dystopian visions of the future

11 12 2017

1. What is the author saying here? Click on the pic and learn more.

2. How much do you know about Huxley’s Brave New World?

3. And what about George Orwell’s 1984? Find two excerpts HERE

4. Does this look familiar? Learn more HERE

5. Would a genetically engineered child still be ‘you’? Find the script HERE