Fairy Tales and the Pursuit of Dreams

26 02 2018

1. Can you tell the story? What can/ can’t Cinderella do?

2. Watch this opening scene. What can you infer about the characters and their dreams?

3. Watch the film trailer. Can you sum up the plot line?

4. Listen to the film screenwriter. What are the major themes in the movie?

5. Watch and listen to this re-interpretation of the tale. Your turn. Try and rewrite another fairy tale.

How are identities formed or manipulated?

7 02 2018

1. Is this the end for multiculturalism? Read more HERE

2.  David Bowie wrote the theme song to the BBC dramatisation of Hanif Kureishi’s Buddha Of Suburbia.

3. Writer Hanif Kureishi has often explored race and the fluidity of identity.

4. How to put a match to a tinder box. Find out more HERE

5. A heat wave brings racial tensions to boiling point in a London chip shop. Study two texts about Cultural Diversity

7.  Is Sadiq Khan the face of multicultural Britain?

8. What overall vision of Canada does the POEM give? Describe its tone.

9. Not everyone thinks that giving shelter to people planning to cross the channel illegally is a good idea. What do you think?