Tourism in the age of globalisation

18 03 2018

1. Tourism has many benefits but what are its environmental and social impacts? Make a list of some of its advantages and disadvantages

2. List as many reasons as possible to visit Jamaica.

3. Click on the image below to learn more on the impacts of mass tourism to Jamaica.

4. Click on the pic to read a book excerpt.  To what extent do the tourists described in the passage fit Duane Hanson’s “Tourists”?

5. Do rich countries and the IMF keep the Caribbean poor?


Beware of Vampires

18 03 2018

1. Who is the vampire in this song? Find out more HERE

2. Learn more about the origins of the most famous bloodsucker of all time!

3. The archetypal vampire had no taste for wine. Read an excerpt from the novel HERE

4. Use this diagram to compare the clip and the book excerpt above.

5. A sleepover to die for. Read more HERE and  HERE