Time to revise

29 04 2018

1. France TV Education helps you revise

2. Link words are important. Find HERE the exercise in full.


3. Click on the pic to find more help for your speaking exam. 

Is progress always positive?

29 04 2018

1. Is technology the villain? Read HERE an excerpt of the script.  

2. Click on the pic  and do a reading comprehension test on dystopian stories.

3. But science and technology often bring solutions to our problems. Watch the video and do this ACTIVITY Read more HERE

Movies and tourists

26 04 2018

1. Click on the pic and watch the scene. What kind of tourist is Mrs Moore?

2. “Making a statement about human values.” Read more HERE

3. How can movies help boost tourism? Take the test HERE

4. Find below some vocabulary exercises.

Ending Plastic Pollution

23 04 2018

1. The origins of plastic.

2. Plastic is both a wonderful invention and a scourge on our planet. Read the script HERE

3. Trace the life cycles of three different plastic bottle and take the TEST

4. What can YOU do to help? Why not make a SPEECH?

5. Can kids sue the government over the environment? Read MORE



Life’s but a poor player

4 04 2018

1. What is the story about?

2. A must-read?

3. How does Rita react to the Scottish Play (36:23-40:47)? Read more HERE

4. Take down a few ideas and get ready to recite Macbeth’s soliloquy.

Environmental issues

2 04 2018

1. Preparing for exams is the key to success! Find more help HERE and HERE

2. How much water do you use in your daily life? Read more HERE

3. Turning on the tap may be risky in California. Find out more HERE

4. It takes lots of courage to fight powerful institutions. Study a text HERE