Family Portraits

18 10 2018

1. What must Cinderella do? What is she allowed to doWho are Cinderella’s parents? Do you know the “true” story?

2. Can you imagine what these characters dream of?

3. Who is who in the family? What is the story about? Do these EXERCISES

4. Why can’t they be a family? Do these ACTIVITIES

5. What’s it like growing up in a stepfamily? Listen carefully to Tahlia [00:56 to 04; 21] and make notes. 

Visions for London

14 10 2018

1. Listen to Benjamin’s reading of his poem and do these exercises.

2. What’s this video about? Do you think this could help remedy some of city life cons? Take a vocabulary quiz HERE.

3. What do we learn about London Mayor’s biography and politics? To what extent can Mr Khan be seen as the embodiment of “the London breed”? Find your assignment HERE

4.  Listen to ex-London Mayor Boris Johnson explain the problems the city faces and his plans to solve them.

5. What is ruining London? Are there any alternatives? What needs to be done