Who owns our bodies?

29 11 2018

1. What’s the novel about? What makes it still so relevant today? Read an excerpt HERE.

2. Take a look inside the world of The Handmaid’s Tale TV series adaptation. 

3. Atwood’s chilling vision of a dystopian regime has captured readers’ imaginations since its publication in 1985. What explains its success? Try the QUIZ.

4. Find out what happened to Tanis Mauws and Sean Lancaster when they resorted to surrogacy. Imagine Mauws writes an open letter to the Winnipeg press which starts: “I always wanted to be a mom but…” Continue her letter and write about 150 words.


5. Your task: “Create the front and back cover for Margaret Atwood’s soon-to-be published sequel to her ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’.” 

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