18 12 2018

1. Obesity, a global epidemic (AFP, 2012)

2. Removing temptation from shopping.

The Spirits of Christmas

13 12 2018

1. Listen carefully for the missing words. Fill in the gaps HERE

2. Watch Richard Williams’ animated adaptation of Charles Dickens’ timeless seasonal parable. Read an EXCERPT from the original.

3. Watch the trailer for another adaptation of the story and do this listening exercise.

4. What is the ‘Church of Stop Shopping’? What do they do?

5. Listen to the poet and fill in the gaps HERE

Anatomy of Horror

3 12 2018

1. In what ways does the trailer’s structure mirror that of a horror movie?

2. What makes the movie at the same time so effective and different from many other horror movies?

3. How far does the historical context influence horror?

4. Listen and fill in the gaps HERE

From: http://www.LessonsOnMovies.com/alien.html