Is a new border fence between Mexico and the U.S. necessary?

24 01 2019

1. Watch this video and prepare for the speaking exam.

2. Click on the cartoon to read about the existing fence.

the plymouth rock cartoon

3. Donald Trump under attack over new fence plan.

4. Read about the effectiveness of such an idea.


5. Watch this animated cartoon and fill in this TEXT

6. Listen to Obama’s speech on immigration (2 or 3 times). Then use this PAGE to recap.

7. Do you have a view on the issue? Join the debate.


Songs of Freedom

23 01 2019

1. Who was MLK? Listen carefully and complete this short biography.

2. What was Dr King’s dream about? Read more HERE.

3. How well does the picture expose the problems African-Americans faced at the time? 


4. What parallel does Ben Harper make between the Rodney King story and black Americans’ history? Read more HERE.

5. What happened to Rodney King?


10 01 2019

1. Do you know any of these movies? Talk about the collage saying as much as you can about each film.

2. What’s unusual about the trailer? How does Hitchcock manipulate the viewer? 

3. Can you now write the pitch for the movie? Click on the pick to study a text.


God save the Queen?

7 01 2019

1. How much do you know about the history of British government? Click on the pick to learn more and then take the TEST.

2. How did Arthur become king?

3. Was King Arthur a real person?

4. What makes the scene funny? Listen carefully and pick out arguments for and against the monarchy. Find out more HERE.

4. Watch this video. Can you fill in a basic royal family tree? Read more HERE

5. Watch the video and make notes. What do you learn about the Tower and the people working there? Learn more HERE