The rise of accent softening

21 03 2019

1. Are the English classified by their way of speaking? Read more HERE

2. What are the advantages in talking with the “white voice”?

3. What’s wrong with a northern accent? Click on the pic to read the article. Listen to the podcast HERE (18:50 to the end).

4. What has Eliza set herself out to conquer? What is it that ‘she gets‘ in the end? Find the script HERE

5. Are actors of colour only offered roles of racial steretypes?

There is power in a union

19 03 2019

1. What are these women fighting for? Find the transcript HERE. Do some exercises HERE.

2. How does Rita manage to persuade the men to back the women’s strike? Read more HERE

3. The Ford women machinists finally get to meet Barbara Castle—Secretary of State for Trade and Industry. How does that meeting go? Find out more HERE.


4. What role did Margaret Thatcher play in Billy Bragg’s life? Where does the song’s title come from? Find the transcrip HERE

5. What happens when a group of lesbians and gays decide to support the striking miners? Read more HERE.

6. Why did Nissan workers refuse to join the union? Read more HERE

What makes fairy tales still so powerful today?

18 03 2019

1. Fairy tales explained. What are the most typical elements in fairy tales?

2. What makes the genre so enduring? Find out more HERE

3. What makes Shrek different? Read more HERE.

4. To what extent is this a fairy tale? Read more HERE and HERE.

5. What messages are fairy-tales sending to princesses who want to slay the dragon? Find out about your TASK HERE.



Language and Power

14 03 2019

1. What made English a global language?

2. It’s just talk, right?

3. What is the logic of Newspeak? What’s its ultimate goal? Read more HERE