Hone your listening skills!

24 09 2019

1. What kind of a hero did Obama praise? Write an account of the video. 

2. What do modern heroes have in common with ancient ones? Write a short account.

3. How have the heroes of olden times changed and evolved? Sum up what you have understood.

4. Can the classic antihero be achieved in a simulated environment?

5. Why is the world in love with the antihero?

The truth is rarely pure, and never simple.

18 09 2019

1. . Watch this take on Oscar Wilde’s famous witticisms by Monty Python. Find the script HERE. Read more about EPIGRAMS

2. Watch this clip and make notes about the 10 aspects of the play discussed in the video. Read more about the characters HERE

3. First listen to the director and one of the actors talk about the play and answer these QUESTIONS. Jump to 12:20 and watch then to the end of the first scene in act 1 (14:52). Study the script HERE.

The enduring importance of being an artist

11 09 2019

1. Why is art important? Watch the video and find the five reasons given by British philosopher Alain de Botton. 

2. Tate Gallery asked leading artists, actors, filmmakers, architects and choreographers why art should be on the curriculum. Listen to their responses.

3. Listen to what Oscar Wilde had to say about art and the artist. Read the text HEREThen do a vox-pop interview on the topic.


What’s your reading personality?

10 09 2019

1. Take this quiz and find out more about your reading personality. Read more HERE 

2. What are you reading this week? Click on the pic and share your reads on Instagram.

3. What happens when you open a book? Read more about the poem HERE


Is it a brave new world?

5 09 2019

1. What kind of a world are future generations looking to? Click on the pic to broaden your view.

2. Why are we afraid of tech? Are you a sci-fi fan? Which of these movies have you seen? Which is your favourite? 

3. In this future world everything is perfect. Everybody is happy.  Or are they? Fill in a gapped summary HERE.  

4. Find here the book trailer to another dystopian story. Read more HERE

5. Imagine you are a writer for Channel 4. Pitch your new dystopian TV series to the show producers. Find out more HERE

How do you take your coffee?

4 09 2019

1. How much do you know about marketing?

2. Work with a partner, take notes and prepare your own sketch in a Starbucks.

3. Watch the first 60 seconds of the video. What are Starbucks’ strengths and weaknesses? Fill in a SWOT analysis chart

4. Listen  and check your answer.


5. Why does Starbucks spell your name wrong? Read more HERE 

6. What is Starbucks’ development strategy in India? Watch the video, read this TEXT and fill in a MIND MAP to prepare for an oral account.

English and you

3 09 2019

1. Meeting people. Do the exercise, then  create and act out your own dialogue with a classmate. Now let’s get to know each other better.

2. How have you been? Watch the video and listen for useful expressions. Then create a similar skit with a classmate.

3. As you watch the video, take down at least 3 different reasons why people learn English. Then choose one speaker and imagine what else they could say about their relationship with English. Speak for at least 1 minute and record yourself. 


4. Going back to school is deadly in some places. Why is Cameroon at war with itself over English? Read more HERE