Is it a plastic world?

21 10 2019

1. Do you fancy plastic for dinner? read more HERE.

2. Three  bottles, three different scenarios but only one happy ending. Take the QUIZ and learn more.  

3. What lives in our oceans?

4. What’s MarinaTex and how could it help protect our oceans? Read more HERE

A world without books

17 10 2019

1. This classic dystopian novel explores a future in which possession of books is a crime.

2. How to  preserve independent thought in a society where mass media has monopoly on information? Take the QUIZ

3. Here is an in-depth summary and analysis of the plot of Ray Bradbury’s novel Fahrenheit 451. Study an excerpt HERE.

Space Tourism

10 10 2019

1. Is space tourism a real possibility? 

2. Who is winning the race? Read more HERE.

3. Practice and test your listening skills with

From The Grand Tour to Overtourism

3 10 2019

1. What was the Grand Tour? Read more HERE. To what extent did travelling broaden the younger British nobility’s horizons back in the 18th century? Find out more HERE

2. Watch the video and listen for meaningful facts and figures. Sum up the problems facing the industry and the solutions envisaged. Read more HERE and fill in a SWOT chart. Listen to a conversation about CRUISE VACATIONS.

3. Has tourism taken a wrong turn? Read more HERE

4. Has Skye become a victim of its own success? Find out more HERE

5. To what extent can tourism change  a place? Explain why ‘Growth at all costs is no longer sustainable.’ Read about the birth of mass tourism in Brighton.

Wild about Oscar

2 10 2019

1. The play, the playwright, the period. Compare this recap with what you have learned so far. 

2. Watch the video for an in-depth summary and analysis. 

3. The protagonist and his foil. How much do the two friends have in common? Read the SCENE in the play 

4. Well, they seem to share quite a lot, don’t you think? Use a Venn diagram to contrast and compare the two friends. 

5. Aunt Augusta is quite impressive, isn’t she?

The Queen who became Empress

1 10 2019

1. What made her so iconic? Read more HERE. Take this QUIZ

2. A light-hearted song on a serious subject. Read the lyrics HERE

2. A trivial video for serious viewers. Read more HERE



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