No thanks, no giving

28 11 2019

1. How much do you know about Thanksgiving? Read more HERE

2. Imagine how Russel Means would narrate the story of Thanksgiving. Use this VOCABULARY HELP

3. Why do many indigenous people around the country today say, ‘No Thanks, No Giving’?

4. One movie ONLY will be projected in your school film club. In small groups, choose the best movie to be shown. 

5. Click on the pic to do a grammar exercise!

Power over life and death

17 11 2019

1.Watch the video and take notes about factual elements, arguments for or against and any relevant information concerning the death penalty debate in the U.S.A. Prepare a short oral report. Read more HERE.

2. What happened to Stacey Stites? What is the evidence against Rodney Reed? What do his backers say?

3. Why did the Appeals Court stay Rodney Reed’s execution? What’s changed since the original trial? What’s going to happen next? Find out about your task HERE

4. “Woman on the tier” from the movie’s soundtrack.  Find more songs about capital punishment HERE

5. What is it like to live knowing the date and time of your death?

6. Do you want to be on a jury? Why or why not?


Take our tour

14 11 2019

1. Ardèche, be amazed! You work with the Ardèche Tourist Board. Choose one of the following tasks.  a. Devise and present a brochure/ leaflet/ poster… for the responsible tourist to Ardèche. b. You are a travel writer and want to promote sustainable tourism in Ardèche. Make a video for your vlog. c. Give your own guided tour speech of a tourist site in Aubenas or Ardèche.

2. Being a tour guide is a very important job. Click on the pick blow. These pages will help you learn some important vocabulary and phrases that you can use with your English-speaking tourists.

3. Giving a tour guide speech requires some preparation. Check out this example.

4. Do you fancy taking a literary tour of New York? Click on the map below and take the tour!




The art of lying

14 11 2019

1. Watch the first 7:30 into the video and pick out details about about the five characters present or mentioned. Check your answers with the help of THE SCRIPT and fill in a table.

2. What are some of the themes and motifs at work in the scene?

3. Mrs. Lane explains the acronym SOAPSTone, a tool for analyzing literature.


The end of the party

3 11 2019

1. How much do you know about Halloween history? Take this QUIZ.

2. Why has Airbnb decided to ban ‘party houses’? Read more HERE

3. What is the message of this ad? Why do you think it was made? Find out more HERE.

 4. Learn more about the Fairbnb coop HERE.  You are in charge of the Fairbnb campaign to promote its platform with regional tourist boards. Make a speech to convince the Ardèche tourist board officials to adopt the coop as one of their official partners.