Sound like a native

21 12 2019

1. Some very useful advice to sound as if you were born with the language!

2. Be careful though not to mimic these native speakers’ common mistakes!

3. Listening to the news is a very good way to improve your English. Read more HERE.

4. Watching movies can be great help too.

5. The speaker identifies 4 ‘secrets’. What are they? What is your secret? Find HERE a few tips on how to a better communicator.

The Power of the Word

18 12 2019

1. What is poetic meter? How does it work? What is the secret of the power of iambic pentameter? Take the test HERE.

2. What is the rhythm we always carry with us in our lives?

3. Hip Hop or Shakespeare?

4. Akala, the rapper. Analyse a few lines from this piece HERE.

5. YOUR TASK. Are you ready to write your own verses or rap in iambic pentameter? Revise the basics. Find more help HERE.


Nike’s recipe for success

17 12 2019

1. How does Nike compare to both Adidas and Puma? Read more HERE.

2. Write down elements making Nike such a strong brand. 

3. Can Nike keep its no. 1 spot? Fill in a SWOT analysis graph.


Exam Preparation

15 12 2019

1. Prepare for the written exam. Find more help HERE.

2. Seven mistakes you should try to avoid repeating.

3. A very rich site by another English teacher. Do not hesitate to browse around!

4. For those of you who would like to go a little further, this is a very interesting video on the sentence in English.


The artist as a social commentator

11 12 2019

1.What gave Dickens such powerful influence over his contemporaries? Oscar Wilde’s criticism of “Dickens’s over sentimentalism” did not prevent him from taking his inspiration from his predecessor. What did Wilde borrow from Dickens? Here’s your TASK.

2. Through farce and satire, Oscar Wilde, too, was sending up the high society of his time to expose its intrinsic hypocrisy.

3. Like Cecily, Queen Victoria “Wrote in [her] journal”. Read more on Victorian diary writing HERE.


Wanting to break free

11 12 2019

1. What were women’s roles in 1950s’ America? Read more HERE.


2. Analyse and discuss this 1961 ad. How are gender roles portrayed? Click on the pic for some help.

3. What makes the scene important in the story? Read more HERE.   

What are the consequences of unmitigated power?

9 12 2019

1. Has prison become a normal life event for young black men in America? Find out about your task HERE.

2. What did Hannah Arendt really mean by the banality of evil? Read more HERE.

3. What can be done to save humanity from mindless obedience?

4. Life behind bars. Find out about the ‘Three-Strikes Law’ HERE.

5. Who are the “Central Park Five”?