All’s well that ends well

28 01 2020

1. Can you create a ‘character map,’ showing all the people in the play and their relationships?

2. Watch the end of the story. How are the ‘lovers’ able to marry in the end? Read the script HERE

3. Can you draw a narrative arc for the play? Click on the image for help.

How can you motivate, retain and manage employees?

24 01 2020

1. How can you be a better leader? Read more HERE

2. You want to improve team effectiveness. Discuss the pros and cons of this video.


3. To each their own. How do generations differ as regards employment benefits? Find out more HERE.

4. What makes today’s employees tick? Click on the pic to find out.

employee benefits. Chart with keywords and icons

5. What did Peter do wrong? Do you think Peter likes his job? Why or why not? Explain. Read more HERE.  

Trapped in the kitchen

15 01 2020

1. What changed for women during WWII?

2. What happened to women in war jobs after WWII? Read more and find your task HERE.

3. Was it OK for a woman to have a career back then?

4. What was it like to be a woman in the 1950s and 60s?

5. What can’t and can Miss Jones do? What are the gender stereotypes at play here? 


Welcome to the synthetic world!

11 01 2020

1. Who are the main characters in this story? Explain their relationship. Study the colors. Why do you think the red is predominant?

2. Can new gadgets help solve old problems?

3. Who is Sally? What can she do to help the family? Can she cause any problems? Explain how. Read more HERE.

4. What are the new ‘Synthetic Humans’? What is the goal of this marketing campaign? Learn AI vocabulary HERE.

5. Your Task: “Create a leaflet for promoting your new emotional robot or AI.” Find some help HERE.


6. Why do we get attached to robots? Is this dangerous for human relationships?  




Electric cars vs petrol cars

6 01 2020

1. Which is cheaper, a new car or a used one? Compare the two options.

2. Compare electric cars to gas-powered vehicles and fill in a table. Read more HERE.

3. Learn more about the Tesla Model 3. Find a practice exercise for your final exam HERE.