Repairing the past

17 02 2020

1. How did enslavers use enslaved people to generate profit? Answer more questions HERE

Find out about your task HERE.

2. Watch the video by VOA and note down arguments proving or disproving that “Harriet, the movie, advances the slave narrative on screen”. Focus on the words spoken by the people interviewed in the video.

3. Listen to author Colson Whiteson telling about the history of the Underground Railroad. Click on the painting to answer a few questions. 


4. Learn more about “The Moses of Her People”. 

‘Four legs good, two legs bad.’

8 02 2020

1. A few terms to remember: find out about fable and allegory. Find out more HERE.

2. Learn more about the novella’s historical background.

3. Who was George Orwell? What was his motivation for writing?

4. More on the historical and political context.

5. Listen to the audio book version of the story. Read the story in print HERE.

The big business of pets

6 02 2020

1. What’s new in the pet food sector? What’s craft pet food? Learn more HERE

2. How expensive is pet food? Find out about your task HERE.