Freedom from want

13 12 2020

Your Task: You have decided to join the ‘Buy Nothing Day.’ You want to convice other students to do the same. Create a POSTER or a FLYER.

1. How does the painting create a sense of prosperity?

2. The iconic picture has been the object of numerous parodies. Click on the image and do an exercise.

3. Learn about the history of Black Friday and take the QUIZ.

4. What’s ‘Buy Nothing Day’ all about? Check your understanding and learn more HERE

Rosa, Ruby and Kamala

7 12 2020

1. What did Rosa do? What did she start? Learn more HERE

2. Watch the video and take notes. Use the info to write a paragraph about Rosa Parks’ life.

3. Listen to the museum curator’s analysis of the painting (3:27-5:39) . Check your understanding HERE.  

4. Click on the pick to find out more about Kamala Harris. Your task: “You want to use these pictures  for a campaign to encourage equal representation. Give your arguments.”