The Land of the Enlightened

26 03 2021

1. Imagine the next scene in no more than 50 words ūüėČ

2. What is the cartoon’s message? Click on the pic to read more about English colonization.

3. How far is this depiction of the Natives influenced by the “noble savage” myth? Read more HERE.

3. To what extent does this song relate to the movie clips above? Study the lyrics HERE.

Recycle everything

23 03 2021

1. Is it possible to recycle everything?

2. How does the program work? Read more HERE.

Land of the car

23 03 2021

Find out about your final task HERE.

1.¬†Who was Henry Ford? Take notes and explain why he was “a man of contradictions“. Read more HERE.

2. Watch this clip and sum up Henry Ford’s main achievements. Use this PAGE to write a short bio of Henry Ford.



Tea and the British

21 03 2021

Your task: Prepare a tour of a tea museum OR Introduce a new tea brand

1. What is the difference between low and high tea? Read more HERE.

2.  How did tea first come to England? Read more HERE. 

3. How did the British steal China’s tea secrets? Learn MORE.¬†¬†

4. Watch the video and take notes about the company’s story and values. Use this PAGE.

5. Watch both videos and take notes to prepare a presentation. Find some help HERE.

6. Practise reciting the poem for our Poetry Competition! Read more HERE.


Asking for mercy

9 03 2021

1. “Would you call this a man?”

2. Learn about the writer and his journey. Read HERE a passage from his book.

3. List the different steps and say why the process has come under criticism.

4. She argues that “law should be a tool for social change,” but who is Letitia James?¬†


2 03 2021

1. How does fashion influence our world? Answer more questions HERE.

2. Rockers, Mods, Skinheads…? What’s your favorite street style? Read more HERE.¬†


3. What decision did Emma Watson make? Check your comprehension of the video HERE.