Black Lives Matter

29 09 2021

Your Task: a. Deliver a speech to celebrate a leading African-American figure. Present her/ him to the class and explain the reasons for your choice.

b. This is your magazine’s editorial meeting. Debate is fierce to decide which leading figure of the Civil Rights Movement to profile in next month’s issue.

1. Did Obama ever doubt his ability to get white support to win the presidency? Test your comprehension HERE.

3. Learn more about the movement. Focus on specific dates and names.

3. How old was Starr when she was given the ‘talk’? What else do you learn about her? Read more HERE.

4. What do you learn about the book and its impact? Study a passage HERE.

5. What was ‘Jim Crow’ originally and what did it stand for up until 1954? 

6. How does the clip upend racial stereotypes? Read more HERE.

 7. Click on the cartoon to boost your grammar skills.


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