Sorry We Missed You

18 10 2021

Your final project (choose one):

a. Imagine an interview with a self-employed Amazon driver.

b. Make a review of the Ken Loach movie for your radio programme.

c. Make a presentation about Amazon. 

1. In what ways is the world of work changing today?

2. Take notes on the lifestory of both Bezos and his company.

3. What is the reality of being an Amazon agency worker?

4. Where does all the Amazon’s plastic waste go? Read more HERE.

Marketing: what’s new?

15 10 2021

1. What is social media marketing? What makes a successful strategy on social media? 

2. What are the ingredients of Airbnb’s success? What is the brand’s top value? Read more HERE

3. What is ‘influencer marketing’? Study a text HERE



How to make your words heard

13 10 2021

Your Task:

a. Deliver a speech to celebrate a leading African-American figure. Present her/ him to the class and explain the reasons for your choice (see this PAGE for more).
b. This is your magazine’s editorial meeting. Debate is fierce to decide which leading figure of the Civil Rights Movement to profile in next month’s issue.

1. Watch the video and find out what oratorial techniques Barck Obama uses.

2. How does Rita manage to her male colleagues? Find out HERE.

3. How to use rhetoric to get what you want. Take the TEST.  

4. Listen and pick out: a formula for making great phrases; one example of a figure of rhetoric and how it works; the reason why the speaker mentions Kate Perry; one example of a former president’s use of rhetoric; who the speaker predicted would win the 2016 election and 3 reasons why people use rhetoric. Read more HERE.