Texting and emails in movies and series

24 01 2022

1. How to get results with an email. Read more HERE. Practise emailing HERE.

2. What’s the latest innovation in film? And the yet unresolved issue?

3. How can companies help you unplug? Read MORE.


A man’s world

21 01 2022

1. Is this a feminist song? Explain why. 

2. What are real women made of?

3. What did the US women’s soccer players do? Read more HERE

The artificial woman

17 01 2022

1. Do you know the story of Pygmalion who fell in love with his ivory statue Galatea? Read more HERE.

2. Listen to this song and your offsprings might well be spared… Read more HERE.

3. Is Samantha the perfect ‘woman’? Read more HERE.  

4. A timeline on US feminism you can complete and expand.

Healthy living

3 01 2022

Final project: Present and / or promote a brand or shop that sells healthy food. 

(Include the story of the brand, its values, and a description of an advert. Speak for 2’30.)


1. Find three reasons why this project is important. Pick out 3 health problems caused by poor nutrition. What is the Institute’s focus? Who can make a change? Read more HERE.

2. How can we help children to grow up healthy? Read more HERE.

3. Why has Markus campaigned for free school meals? Read more HERE.

4. Can brands and other actors really help improve our health? Read MORE.

5. Click on the pic to practice your listening skills. Read more HERE. Practise your grammar & more HERE.